Scholarship system

St. Mary’s Japanese Language Institute has a number of scholarship programs, and there are St. Mary’s own incentive schemes and awards programs. Students who are excellent in performance, attendance rate, lesson attitude and are economically difficult are eligible. Study the desired students firmly.
Privately-financed foreign student
learning incentive fee
48,000 yen
(one year)
Privately-financed International Student
Student Study Experience Reservation System
48,000 yen
(one year)
Kyoritsu International Scholarship
Foundation Scholarship
60,000 yen
(one year)
Specified Nonprofit Corporation
LSH Asia Scholarship
100,000 yen
St. Mary ‘s Japanese Language School
Election Speech Contest Winning Scholarship
Saint Mary Japanese Language Academic Results
· At tendance Ratio Full-time Scholarship

Scholarship conditions

In order to apply for a scholarship, the following conditions must be satisfied.

– St. Mary enrolled as a regular student for more than 6 months
– Attendance rate from the time of admission is 95% or more on average
– Achievements · Excellent for both people
– Students who go to university, graduate school or vocational school without fail
* Other conditions, such as nationality, may be set depending on the scholarship.
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