Student dormitory

The Saint Mary Japanese Language School has been integrated with the dormitory and the classroom, and the environment of life and learning is also convenient. It is possible to accommodate about 150 people.

Characteristics of dormitory

– 3 minutes walk to the nearest station,
– Household appliances · Furnished apartments, (Female float established) Safe, easy to go to the classroom,
It is not cost extra, and you can live in Japan right after entrance.
– Administrator resident, it is possible to respond at any time.

Dormitory details and location

Century Heights 4 – 2 – 10 No. 4, Utsunomiya Odori, Tochigi Prefecture 320-0811
Nearest station:
JR Utsunomiya Station
Elevator, coin-land, air conditioner, bed, refrigerator,
Kitchen, toilet, shower, desk, chair, push
(Required items of living necessities are prepared)
Around the dormitory:
department stores, supermarkets, hospitals, libraries, convenience stores

Photo of the dorm

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For questions about st'Mary please contact the following.


Reception: Weekdays (Mon-Fri) 9:00-18:00