Advanced course

It is a course of applicants who wish to go to universities, graduate schools and vocational schools in Japan. In this course, we will develop necessary Japanese language skills at Japanese universities, graduate schools and vocational schools. We will also conduct pre-college counseling and interview exercises individually. The entrance time is four times a year in January, April, July, October.

The Lord will take measures against the “Japanese Language Study Abroad Examination” and “Japanese Language Proficiency Test.” In the classes, we will strive to improve the comprehensive Japanese ability of “Reading, Writing, Talking, Listening” in a well-balanced manner and also take measures to pass the Japan International Student Test / Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) with a high score, We aim to master Japanese ability to use in situations. We support the homeroom teacher and admission instructor so that they can go on to school suitable for each student. Also, from communication from practical Japanese that is useful for daily lives, from everyday topics, social topics to even more specialized fields of interest, you can learn Japanese comprehensively and have communication skills and expressions to deal with everything It cultivates power.
Recruitment conditions A person who graduates from a senior high school and has more than 12 years of school years or equivalent qualifications.
Those recognized as having the ability to pay tuition and living expenses while studying in Japan.
It is healthy both mentally and physically and learns seriously by observing Japanese laws.
Level Beginner to Advanced
Admission time April July January January
Visa type 1 year – 2 years
Course term of graduate student for graduation (graduation in March)
Class time Half-day only in the morning or afternoon (total number of hours in Japanese classes is about 800 hours)
Morning class: 9: 00 ~ 12: 45 (45 minutes × 4 frames), 5 days a week (Monday – Friday)
Afternoon class 13: 15 ~ 17: 00 (45 minutes × 4 frames), 5 days a week (Monday – Friday)
Curriculum overview Japanese language proficiency test measures,
EJU Examination Preparation
Recruitment Timing Apr.: From the beginning of September to the end of November
Oct.: From the beginning of March to the end of May
Jul.: From the beginning of December to the end of March
Jan.: From the beginning of June to the end of August
We will close the reception as soon as it becomes full.

Tuition fee

Course Admission time Admission fee Enrollment fee Tuition fee Facility usage fee Extracurr-icular activities cost Gross total
1.3 year course Every Jan. 22,000yen 60,000yen 750,000yen 68,000yen 10,000yen 910,000yen
1.6 year course Every Oct. 22,000yen 60,000yen 900,000yen 68,000yen 10,000yen 1,060,000yen
1.9 year course Every Jul. 22,000yen 60,000yen 1,050,000yen 68,000yen 10,000yen 1,210,000yen
2 year course Every Apr. 22,000yen 68,000yen 1,200,000yen 68,000yen 10,000yen 1,360,000yen
The above amount is all tuition and various expenses (including consumption tax 8%) in the first year.
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