About studying abroad

Admission guidance

The Saint Mary Japanese Language Institute has abundant materials such as universities, junior colleges, vocational schools, etc. for going on to school in Japan. We will provide guidance on career guidance and exercises for interviewing for entrance examinations, and regularly provide guidance on individual advanced admissions.

Individualized instruction

I will respond to “troubles concerning admission, anytime”.
We support all teachers and help, and remove various barriers accompanying examination.

Briefing session

Support for going to university
  1. Plan for each student chart.
  2. Schedule selection from each school, from selection to passing.
  3. Guidance on how to obtain university information, application guidelines etc.
  4. Conduct an interview with a class teacher on a regular basis
  5. How to write an application form for admission.
  6. Participate in a school briefing session for entrance, Participate
  7. Interview exercises by the homeroom teacher and interview teacher
  8. Guidance on help after passing

Academic achievement


National Utsunomiya University, Keio University, Meiji University, National Kyoto University, Utsunomiya University, Public Takasaki Keizai University, Tokyo Welfare University, Shinshin Gakuin University, Utsunomiya Kyowa University, Japan Wellness Sports College

Vocational school

Nippon Denshi College, Central Legal College, Japan Medical Business College, Ueno Law School Business College, Tokyo International Business College, Yokohama Fashion Design College, International Information Technology College, Japan-China Culture and Arts College, NIPPON Hospitality College , Nissan Tochigi Car University, Japanese Medical Business College, Sundai Tourism and Foreign Language Business College, Yokohama System Institute of Technology College, Kashiwagi Industrial College, Tokyo Psychology Music Therapy Welfare College, Nursery Care and Nursing Business Nagoya College of Technology, TBC Academy, Nakano School of Business

Candidates who have passed the Japanese proficiency test

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