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Various procedures

Residence card, foreigner’s registration card to stay in Japan

When arriving at the airport and submitting a Certificate of Eligibility, Passport, Visa at Immigration Review, “Residence Card” will be issued. This card is issued to foreigners staying for a medium to long term. If you want to work part-time, please also submit an application for permission to work without permission under immigration control. While staying in Japan, you do not need to carry your passport, but you must carry your residence card at all times. Students who are short-term stay do not have a residence card, so please carry your passport. When you receive your residence card, you need to submit an address at the counter of the city / ward office where you live. Procedures must be done within 14 days of arrival.

National insurance

After reporting the address, we need to take the national health insurance procedure promptly. By subscribing to insurance, international students can receive compensation as well as Japanese. Detailed information about National Health Insurance is here (separate screen)

Renew period of stay

If you are going to study beyond the period of stay permitted at the time of entry, you need to apply for renewal period to the Immigration Bureau and obtain permission. This procedure can be applied about 3 months before the expiration of the period of stay.

Part-time job (permission for activities outside the status of qualification)

Part-time job (Permission for non-qualification activities)

Students with a status of residence “Study Abroad” can work part-time for up to 28 hours a week. You can work up to 40 hours per week for a given period during your school’s long vacation. In this case, you must submit the certificate distributed by the school to the part-time job. The permission for activities outside the status of residence is valid as long as the status of residence is “study abroad”, while enrolled in the school and attending the class. Since you can obtain it immediately at the airport by applying at the time of entry at the airport, we recommend submitting an immigration inspector application form for permission to work outside the status of residence. If you do not apply at the airport, you will apply to Immigration Bureau at a later date, but it will take about one month to acquire. Please consult with the staff of the school for the method of postwar application. If you do a part-time job without obtaining permission or exceeding the stipulated time, it becomes a breach of non-qualification activity and you will not be able to continue studying abroad life in Japan. Information about part-time jobs

Mobile phone purchase

I need my phone number when I look for work in Japan. In addition, it is very convenient because you can ask for contact information with various procedures necessary for living in Japan. Acquisition of a phone number varies depending on the length of stay in Japan.

Open a bank account

When you arrive in Japan we recommend opening a bank account. When you work part-time, extend your visa, when you exchange money with your home country, when you receive a scholarship, etc. You need a bank account in various situations. In Saint Mary, as soon as you enter the university, your teacher will assist you and will open an account to the bank. Except for Yucho Bank, general city banks are unable to make bank passbooks for student visas and short-term visas less than 6 months after coming to Japan, but Saint Mary’s students open a bank account through school can do.
* When you return home completely, be sure to set the deposit balance to 0 and cancel your account.
* Please do not leave or lend your residence card, insurance card, passbook, bank cash card to another person absolutely. You should not hand it over to anyone for whatever reason. If you are misused by a criminal organization, you become an accomplice and you will receive severe punishment.

About National Health Insurance

International students residing in Japan for more than 3 months are obligated to join National Health Insurance. When you join this insurance, “National Health Insurance Certificate of Insured Person (hereinafter referred to as” Insurance Certificate “) will be issued. When you receive medical treatment at a hospital etc, if you present health insurance certificate, 70% of medical expenses subject to insurance medical examination will be exempted, so be sure to bring with you when hanging up to the hospital. In addition, it is necessary to present an insurance card at the time of applying for change of status of residence and renewal period of stay. Do not forget to bring your insurance card when you apply for such an application. “National Health Insurance Certificate of Insured Person” is a very important identity card as well as passport, residence card or alien registration certificate. Please keep it in a safe place so as not to lose it. This insurance applies only to the subscriber himself. If you are accompanied by a family member, please also apply for family membership. When you move, please change procedure of national health insurance along with the move procedure. National Health Insurance does not apply to medical examination, cosmetic surgery, orthodontics, vision correction (Lasik), normal delivery, traffic accident, injury or illness during work (including part-time job). (Reference page is here)
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