Living expenses

According to the FY2008 Private Spending Foreign Student Life Status Survey (Kanto Area) conducted by the Japan Student Services Organization JASSO for reference, the average monthly living cost (excluding tuition fees) of foreign students are It was 79,000 yen. The breakdown is as follows: “Rent” is 35,000 yen, “Food cost” is 25,000 yen, “Daily cost ” is 7,000 yen, “Utility costs” is 6,000 yen, “living cost ” is 6,000 yen is. It costs money to start living in Japan. When entering the country, let’s prepare at least 80,000 yen for the living cost for the time being.
35,000 yen
Food cost
25,000 yen
Daily cost
7,000 yen
Utility costs
6,000 yen
Leisure cost
6,000 yen
living cost
79,000 yen
※ The above is the amount of reference.
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